Many landlords want to rent their apartments. Renting is not a bad idea. The owner can have numerous motive behind not living himself in his apartment and renting it to others.

The feel and appearance of the rented apartments is not what the tenants wish to have in their homes. The following tips are for such people to make the impersonal home a more familiar and personal place, full of affection to live in.

You can change the exterior of the rented apartment altogether in a new style. If your apartment has a large hall, make sections in it. For this sectioning, folding papers of different color and design are used. Buy old and inexpensive doors, decorate them with fabrics, simple paint or attractive wall papers and put them in place.

Placing the doors and separators in the place of your choice gives the feeling to a more personalized house than it previously was. A single room can also be made sections of with the help of sofas like sitting area and a dining area in the same room.

One done with the sections, it’s now the cabinets that need your attention. If they are detachable, place them anywhere you think looks good. For the fixed cupboards, try to repaint them and change their handles for make them more tailored.

When decided to place new knobs and handles, don’t forget to keep the original ones for you will have to return them to the owner when time comes for your check out from the apartment.

It is also good if you want to make some alteration in the walls and floor of the rented apartment.

Owners usually do not allow repainting on the original walls of the apartment. Similarly if the rooms are carpeted, removing them is not possible. But rags and mats can be bought for the floor and removable sheets of different designs for the walls.

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