North Cyprus apartments are sprouting up all over the island. With the real estate market of North Cyprus being in the beginning stages, now is the time to purchase a vacation or retirement apartment at outstanding prices. Apartments just a few miles from apartments located on the south side of the island are 3-4 times cheaper. Many of the North Cyprus apartment complexes have swimming pools and other amenities to enjoy along with breath-taking views of the white sandy beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean.

If you have ever dreamed of purchasing a little piece of paradise to call your own, now is the time to buy. North Cyprus apartments can be found right at the water’s edge in Central Kyrenia. Three bedroom apartments with balconies overlooking the Mediterranean can be purchased at unbelievable prices – prices to fit any budget. While many of the North Cyprus apartment complexes are brand new, if you are looking for even lower prices, there are previously occupied apartments available as well. For bargain real estate hunters, this is the place to look.

Furnished with the latest in amenities, including satellite TV, North Cyprus apartments offer the best of the modern world in an atmosphere of mystery and romance on the island where gods and goddesses once roamed. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway or a retirement paradise, the booming market in North Cyprus has something to offer. Retrace the steps of Cleopatra or swim in the waters from which the love goddess, Aphrodite, arose – all within close proximity of new and modern apartment complexes. Most North Cyprus apartments are located within minutes of banks, shopping centers, and restaurants. Some are steps away from the sea while others are perched high atop the mountain offering spectacular views and a closeness with nature that is rarely found. You won’t have to worry about searching for a “safe” neighborhood since crime is almost nonexistent in North Cyprus. Not only is crime nonexistent, but the cost of living is extremely lower than in most parts of the world – which can make work and play even more enjoyable.

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