What You Need to Know About the Eastern Cape


The Eastern Cape is an unspoilt treasure in South Africa offering an array of adventures, pleasures, excitement – mountains, seas, heritage and culture. Eastern Cape Accommodation is categorised into the various areas within the province.

One of the most phenomenal areas in the world for elephant safaris is the famous Addo Region. Addo Accommodation offers quality and a true experience to enjoy the surrounding elephants.

Port Elizabeth is another famous area offering beautiful beaches and know as the friendly city. Visit Port Elizabeth and enjoy Indian Ocean waters, a chance to frolic in the water and be spoil by your Port Elizabeth Accommodation/ PE Accommodation hosts.

The Wild Coast is known for its casino activities and the absolute unspoilt coastline. The sea is wild and beautiful. The Sunshine Coast offers an array of plentiful coastal offerings. Port Alfred Accommodation enables a wonderful holiday with the beautiful scenic pleasures of the great and high dunes.

The Eastern Cape is unlike any thing else in South Africa. It is quiet and protected and offers a type of old fashioned feel as people are down to earth, prices are reasonable and the setting beautiful.

Experience this region by travelling through the various regions or simply enjoying a single destination. whatever your choice, Eastern Cape Accommodation will afford you an enjoyable experience, a memorable time and opportunity to reflect on the great offerings in the world and the natural beauty. Any drive through this region will be splendid and a definite treat for your eyes.

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