Spongebob Wall Stickers – Bring Your Child’s Room Alive With Removable Wall Decals


Your kids rooms are drab and you want to decorate, but where to start, how much is going to cost and what damage is it going to do to your walls? If you put up Spongebob Wall Decals, everyone’s favourite bottom dwelling cartoon nice guy, in your kids bedroom, you will never see children so eager to go to bed and wake up so happy.

In the Pacific Ocean lives Mr nice guy Spongebob Squarepants. He lives in his little town of Bikini Bottom with his friends Patrick, Sandy, Mr Krabs, Squidward and many other loveable characters. Because Spongebob is a truly optimistic fellow, he can charm anyone and solve any problem. Since he is a porous sponge, he manages to squeeze into places others can’t. Spongebob is a lovely square character, show to children all around the world through the Nickelodeon tv network.

Children are fascinated with Spongebob, as he is such a charming fellow and somehow, even though he is naive and unaware most of the time of what is going on around him, still manages to solve problems and make others laugh. If your children are one of the many who adore the loveable square tv character, then decorating their bedroom with Spongebob and Patrick Wall Decals will lighten their lives. There is no better more innocent character to choose to complete your children’s bedroom decor than with the ever loveable Spongebob.

Removable wall decals are a perfect decorating solution for any household. Fathead make a great range of vinyl wall decals. They are super easy to install just by peeling off the backing paper and applying to any wall or smooth surface. However these decals, aren’t really even decals. They are super high quality, laser cut, larger than life graphics that will bring life to any room of the house. When it comes to decorating, you can mix and match any set of decals to create a wonderful themed bedroom in less than no time and so much cheaper than the old style of wall paper and certainly not as permanent as a wall mural.

Old style wallpaper, or even the old style posters always started to tear after a while and became an eye sore. Vinyl wall decals for kids, are built tough. They are made from super high quality, tear free and splash resistant vinyl. So they will stand the test in any child’s bedroom. Since they are also backed with a quality adhesive, they are removable, so can be moved whenever you move, or replaced whenever your child changes their favourite character.

Removable wall decals are perfect for temporary tenants of rental apartments, or those that live in dorm rooms, or just children who decide one day that they want a new character on their walls. Since removable decals leave no stains, they are a perfect decorating solution. Gone are the days of posters leaving tape marks, or pin holes in the wall, or nail holes in the walls from frames being hung. Decals are so easy to install, look great and can be easily changed or removed.

If you choose to decorate your child’s bedroom with their favourite Spongebob characters, you can be assured that you will not only achieve a great looking, non permanent decor, but that each night, your children will be eager to go to bed in their wonderfully creative room, with their favourite characters right up there on the walls. Each morning they wake, they will be happy to see Spongebob and Patrick and friends and be ready to start the day with a smile.

One of the best uses of wall decals for kids is their dual ability to not only be a bedroom work of art, but also as an instant party decoration. If your Spongebob loving child also wants a Spongebob themed birthday party, it is super easy to remove the wall appliques from their bedroom for the day and put them in the party room, for an instant decorating idea, that all the party guests with just adore. They are large, bright and stain resistant, so make the perfect decoration. When the party is over, simple peel them off the wall and put them back in their room.

Perhaps as a great birthday present idea, you could decorate the party room with Spongebob wall stickers and then let your kids know that they get to keep the wonderful graphics forever in their bedroom. What wouldn’t make a child happier and the parents will certainly love this great decorating idea.

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