ArabAvenue – Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Riyadh


Looking for the best neighborhood and place to live in always turns out to be an ordeal. With numerous factors like safety, accessibility to public facilities, and commute time that one has to keep in mind, the entire process may seem arduous.

Nevertheless, has the right choice for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Being a leading Saudi Arabia real estate portal, they offer several suitable properties for sale.

Let us look at a list of the best neighborhoods in Riyadh compiled by in this article.

Al Olaya and Sulaymaniyah

Located to the north of the city and part of Riyadh’s thriving business district, Al Olaya and Sulaymaniyah provide admirable living conditions. The most significant advantage of the areas lies in their positive effect on travel time. With the offices primarily in the city’s center, the commute time for all working professionals becomes manageable and effortless.

The housing in these areas tends to be smaller with less spacious surroundings, making this type of accommodation perfect for the young professionals who wish to live closer to their workspaces. With fewer recreational areas, they also create an environment where one can concentrate solely on the task at hand.

Al Olaya and Sulaymaniyah offer their residents multiple shopping malls and transport services. Additionally, the cost of rent and living expenses are acceptable here.

Al Muhammadiyah

Al Muhammadiyah is a prestigious and well-renowned neighborhood in Riyadh. The western compounds here tend to be luxurious and spacious, offering the residents great facilities, excellent restaurants, top-notch schools, and little reason to leave.

The services are moderately priced, making them suitable for and accessible to all. The multiple parking lots make it easier for the people here to own private vehicles.

Al Nakheel

Al Nakheel, another one of Riyadh’s most popular and in-demand neighborhoods, offers numerous luxury complexes with several facilities. Families with children prefer this area due to the multiple famous and reliable international schools present here.

The area presents the potential residents with numerous choices for the type of residence they wish to choose, with several gardens, swimming pools, parks, etc. The best part is that some compounds of this neighborhood have on-site preschools.

Although a bit expensive, Al Nakheel proffers suitable and comfortable living conditions and environment.

Downtown Riyadh

Quality of living conditions wise, Downtown Riyadh provides one of the best neighborhoods to reside in individually or with family. It creates the basis for a great location with its readily available public services, mouth-watering food, multiple shopping districts, and lively nightlife.

What Makes Riyadh A Residential City?

Overall, we say that Riyadh provides superior standards of living. The following are the factors that make it to be so:

  • Tax: Compared to the other cities of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh implements tax at a lower rate. Hence, its residents do not have to pay the overwhelming amount, which is customary for other such locations.
  • Cost of Living: The most eye-catching feature of Riyadh is its moderate living expenses. They are relatively low for all the provided services.
  • Safety: With its strict Sharia laws, the crime rate in the city is not that high. Despite the occasional threats of terrorism, the western compounds are relatively safe and secured.
  • Education: Riyadh has several schools, colleges, and universities, making it a great location to seek schooling.

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