The fastest growing market in Kenya is real estate. Property development is increasing at a very high rate. People that own large houses with ample land are ready to either sell or develop their own land. More so, high rise apartments in Kenya are developing faster than townhouses and they are much more affordable than large luxury houses. Living small scale is not such a bad idea, especially if you’re getting a luxury apartment, with a stunning view, safe location, and in addition a trendy and fine finish.

There are many apartments for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. Elegant Properties is the most reliable and qualified real estate agency that could help you manage your property and find what you’re looking for. Before you set out on your journey to purchase that dream apartment check out what’s trending and what apartments are for sale in Nairobi. Well-designed, with impeccable finishing, modern kitchen equipment, and all amenities are included- if that’s what you’re looking for then the apartments for sale in Westlands, and Parklands are worth looking at because they would satisfy your eyes, and your need for that ideal living space.

A good investment strategy for property buyer’s is never rent, always buy! Buying a property may have its advantages and disadvantages- one of the main advantage would be that you’ll end up owning the property. However, the downside of attempting to buy an apartment could be that the interest rate on mortgage is too high and you end up paying more for the actual value and also considering the depth of your pockets. In this case, some people just opt to rent an apartment rather than buying because they can neither afford to buy, nor borrow money from a bank. Apartments in Nairobi can be both high end and average. For example, you could find great apartments that are affordable and still amazing from the inside- these apartments are for sale in Parklands. The Parklands area has great value for land, which means that if you own land in this particular area consider yourself lucky because the re-sale value of land is high. In addition to that, if you are looking for the best location for apartments in Kenya, nothing beats Parklands and Westlands- both areas are considered as the central location of Nairobi city and if you decide to live in this prime area you would have complete access to anything you need.

If we look at the country as a whole- there is a wide range of apartments in Kenya – you could consider an apartment with a mountain view, an ocean view, a view of the wilderness – whatever you desire could be yours- Elegant Properties has enough experience to lead you to the best decision you ever made especially with investing in that dream apartment. They are also a cooperate member of the Kenya Green Building Society and they were also selected as the top choice for East Africa by Super brands. Just a FYI, they have both completed and ongoing projects at the moment- so if you aren’t in a rush you could totally invest in to the ongoing projects and get to design your own apartment shell. Similarly, if you would choose to buy an apartment that is still undergoing construction- you would have more time to pay for it and also research on the kind of design you want – so no hasty decisions in your long-term plans.

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