50th Birthday Party Planning For People Craving a Good Party


All people are craving for a good party. If ever someone you know is about to turn 50 and you are tasked to prepare a terrific bash, this article will give you the tips to move along.

Open the fun and excitement by creating invitations. To make it memorable, do a little work researching about the events that took place 50 years ago and put them in the invitation. For example, Elvis Presley is hitting the scene and baby James Matteo stormed Buchanan’s House with laughter for his arrival.

When it comes to gifts, it is common knowledge that adults do not really look forward to receiving gifts because they have the money to buy the things that they need, unlike with children. If this is what the guest of honor wishes, allow the guests to know. In the invitation, you can write that their presence will be appreciated but no gifts are expected. If not, a better way to do this is to ask the guests to simply send their cash gift to a certain charity to be of help to other people.

If it is bound to be a surprise party, advise all guests to keep it a secret. Nevertheless, if ever you live at the same house with the guest of honor, keep the planning discrete. Place the party needs in a container far from reach by the guest of honor. Also, ask the guests to RSVP you through mail because you don’t wish your guest to be leaving you a party-related voicemail that the guest of honor can hear.

To make the event more memorable, 50th birthday party planning should involve the act of making a speech for the guest of honor. Keep in mind that the best stories are those which are humorous or touching when doing research; give some time to look for facts that can stir the emotions of listeners. Avoid too lengthy stories and make it a point to paint a positive note on the life of the guest of honor.

Be respectful to the personality of the guest of honor; don’t mock him/her around guests even if he is a person who loves to mock around. This is a strict rule to follow because you may never know how you can hurt the feelings of that person through your joke. Furthermore, ask his friends as well to prepare short speeches for the guest of honor. If the guests are in assorted ages, remind the other guests to keep the speeches clean. After all, no parent would allow his 4-years old kid to hear dirty words coming from someone.

When it comes to the decoration, it is popular for adult birthdays to have an “over the hill” theme although there are other terrific options to choose from. Go for a retro theme, a ballroom dancing event, rock party, and a whole lot more. The music to be played should be songs that were popular back then. If you can ask someone to sing the song for you while the event is going on, the better.

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