Yamacraw proximity to downtown can make it great location for mixed-earnings challenge

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Downtown home for sale? Check the lodge overlay map.

If the acreage is eligible for a lodging enterprise, it is really a harmless bet a resort developer will be an intrigued buyer.

This reality has still left a lot of to marvel when downtown will arrive at what’s usually referred to as “the tipping point.” In most instances, this reference is to when the source of rooms will capture up with desire.

The future of Yamacraw Village is in question as the Housing Authority of Savannah has petitioned to demolish the 80-year-old public housing development.

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Savannah might have already strike a tipping stage of a different feather when it comes to redevelopment of downtown homes — such as Yamacraw Village, which is now staying regarded as for demolition.

Instead than construct hotels on Yamacraw’s 22 acres, developing affordable housing for all those who get the job done in the current resorts would be a superior use, states one particular of Savannah’s main champions for the lodge field, the Tourism Management Council’s Michael Owens.

The Housing Authority of Savannah’s doesn’t have to develop back again public housing on the web-site. The authority can offer the assets and use the resources to build new housing somewhere else, or extend existing general public housing communities. Presented Yamacraw’s location the house is amazingly beneficial.

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Knocking down general public housing to make way for more accommodations and tourism-relevant firms would be bad optics, having said that, and the likelihood is presently creating disgruntlement from the neighborhood. But repurposing the web site for far more blended-cash flow housing, say units for present-day Yamacraw residents as properly as some unsubsidized residences for provider marketplace employees, would make sense and may well also attract some a lot-essential retail, such as a grocery tale, to the region.