WF, You happen to be Meant to Say ‘Punch Buggy’ When You See a Beetle

I uncovered a little something about Texas this weekend and I are not able to feel you individuals do this.

Ahhhhh cherished childhood reminiscences of going on a field journey in faculty. On the way to where ever you were being heading you would do the common points to go the time. Sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, participate in I Spy, try out to get a trucker to honk their horn. An additional sport we would engage in is PUNCH BUGGY.

In situation you you should not know this video game, whenever you see a Volkswagen Beetle driving down the road, you say Punch Buggy and then the color. You would follow it upĀ  with no punch again. If it was a single of your good good friends, you would seriously wail on their arm. So I figured out this weekend in Texas you men you should not perform Punch Buggy, you enjoy Slug Bug?

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Texas, I am not mad, I am just dissatisfied in all of you. Yes, I did not increase up in this article and I’m entirely knowledgeable matters are different during the nation. I will be damned if you try out to alter my childhood like this. I observed out about this over the weekend when I took a woman on a day. We were sitting down at Southwest Parkway and Kemp, a Beetle drove by and she stated ‘Slug Bug white!’

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I was legitimately baffled. “What the f***did you just say?” I explained to her. She mentioned you’ve never ever listened to of Slug Bug? I informed her it’s Punch Buggy and a enjoyable argument ensued. Practically nothing significant but I legitimately couldn’t feel what I was listening to. Slug Bug? Get the hell out of below. So I questioned individuals on Fb and I could not feel it. Practically every Texan said it truly is Slug Bug, whilst all my pals in Maryland explained it is really Punch Buggy.


So I guess I will develop a poll and see what you guys consider (even even though I likely know the reply). Allow me know what you believe below.

Also the human being I am getting this argument with has a specific favorite motion picture, ‘Lilo and Stich’. Wouldn’t you occur to know what that minor alien claims in the film? I will take this as my victory and I am keen to die on this dumb hill.

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