The Magical Experience of Colesberg Accommodation


In the Karoo, in the Northern Cape in South Africa, you will find a quaint town, Colesberg – which also happens to be the largest town in the Northern Cape.

Now obviously, wanting to stay a while and experience what Colesberg has to offer, your first priority is finding Colesberg accommodation. It is advisable to stay in town when visiting, and find your resting place within. So staying in a Colesberg Guest House, you will experience the town’s friendliness and find the Colesberg accommodation establishments quite attractive.

Colesberg is world renown for sheep farming and horse racing, so you get a sense of this enthusiasm for nature.

Furthermore, not just is accommodation in Colesberg a treat, but also has a sense of mysticism attached to it. This is because the Colesberg town is surrounded by many little mountains (fondly referred to as koppies in South Africa), the most prominent and famous is the Coleskop, previously called Towerberg, which means ‘magic mountain’. So maybe staying in this cute town and taking up their Colesberg accommodation offers, you may even have a chance to make a wish upon this magical mountain, or perhaps it brings you good fortune after your stay.

Colesberg was established as a town some 177 years ago, and boasts many exciting attractions, including a museum, old buildings and churches. A Colesburg visit and a stay in Colesberg accommodation will also give you a chance to revive your soul and get in touch with some of South Africa’s history. It is a cherished place and strongly recommended as a travel highlight.

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