Fight Creek’s bustling downtown at the time sported as numerous as a dozen motion picture theaters.   You could walk out of a single, wander a several toes and go into an additional.   Why were there so many, and what occurred to them?

The Dreamland, the Queen, the Bijou, the Rex, the Regent, the Yard, the Strand, Michigan, and the Post.   People were being just some of the places to view movies in Fight Creek.

Fight Creek’s Downtown Theaters-Curt Thornton photo

On the up coming “Peeks into the Past,” Willard Library’s Michael McCullough and his staff remember the halcyon times of regional theaters, the folks who built them, and their location in our community’s background.  You can check out the application stay on your pc, tablet, cell phone, or smart Tv set, or look at it later anytime you like.

McCullough and regional record buffs will chat as they show images of the theaters in Struggle Creek’s downtown.

Yard Theatre -Willard Library picture

The first film home was the Bijou in 1905, opened by Col. W.S. Butterfield in the old Hamblin Opera Household.  The previous was the Bijou, created by Butterfield in 1909, and bulldozed into oblivion in 1984 alongside with much more than a dozen other downtown Fight Creek structures.

Hamblin Opera Residence -Willard Library

In among, several other theaters arrived and went, as entrepreneurs tried using to fulfill the entertainment-hungry citizens, as very well as 1000’s of momentary visitors at the Fight Creek Sanitarium, Camp Custer, and Percy Jones Military Medical center.

Who was Glenn Cross, and how several theaters did he individual?  How a lot of theaters did Col. Butterfield inevitably personal?   Which Theater became the new house of the Struggle Creek Civic Theater, but became a sufferer of downtown development.   What happened to the big indicator on the Michigan Theater?  You will see excellent pics of the Bijou Theater, in advance of and right after the huge transform, and sad photographs of the demolition.

  • Peeks into the Past: Tales of Fight Creek’s Railroad Station
  • Monday, Feb. 15, 7 p.m.  
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