Sunroom Vs. Screened Porch: Which One is Right for You?


For several men and women, obtaining a dedicated space for pleasurable get-togethers and get-togethers for the duration of the summer time is essential. Sunrooms and screened porches are good for making the most of the neat autumn evenings or seeking at the stunning landscapes close to you while you relax throughout the day.

But what is the most powerful way to make the most out of your specified outdoor house? Would a sunroom or a screened porch be much more correct? Selecting involving a sunroom and a screened porch is an significant final decision.

You can make the best selection the moment you realize the variations between these two. In this put up, we’ll wander you by the pros and disadvantages of each and every selection so you can make the most ideal option for your property.

Sunrooms and Screened porches: What are these?

Right before we can get commenced and decide on concerning a sunroom and a screened porch, we ought to have an understanding of what sunrooms and screened porches are. Screened porches and sunrooms may appear to be equivalent at 1st, but there are some important variations between them.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is commonly a place that is hooked up to the residence. They are often divided with sliding glass doors or patio doors. It will have lots of windows on each wall, allowing for abundant natural light into the place. In addition, some sunrooms have glass ceilings or skylights. This presents the home excess daylight all through daylight several hours.

Some sunrooms are intended for year-round use, whilst other individuals are created for a few seasons. Sunrooms are from time to time referred to as solariums, but this form of sunroom differs a little bit. 

Different sorts of sunrooms:

What is a screened porch?

A screened porch is a construction related to the outdoors of the residence. This structure has screened windows on just about every wall and is ordinarily linked to the house by a patio doorway. This kind of porch is good for making the most of time outside the house devoid of remaining subjected to bugs. This isn’t its individual space but is a lot more of a framework in the house.

Screened porches are not heat-managed and are not meant to be utilized yr-round as they can turn out to be way too chilly throughout the winter season. In addition, screened porches are much more economical to construct if your house now has a porch.

Execs and drawbacks of a sunroom

Now that you know what a sunroom is and how this differs from a screened porch, we can seem at the execs and negatives of a sunroom. Since even while this attractive room provides several possibilities, there are however some disadvantages that arrive together with it.


  • More room for livability: A sunroom offers choices for quite a few works by using, even if you make a decision to use this room for just reading or calming during the day.
  • Possible use calendar year-round: If you choose on the 4-year sunroom, you can use this attractive area all calendar year without having a dilemma.
  • Improved home price: Including a sunroom to your property will undoubtedly increase your home’s over-all value.
  • Adaptable works by using: Whether it be events, a workspace, or a location for your kids to play with toys, a sunroom offers several opportunities. You can even use this for a greenspace for plants.
  • Far more organic sunlight: This space delivers tons of purely natural sunlight into your household.


  • Greater house tax: Simply because your home’s worth will improve, your assets tax will maximize as very well.
  • Greater electric power payments: If you make your mind up to add temperature control to this space, your electric power expenditures are sure to acquire a strike.
  • Superior startup fees: A sunroom can value anyplace from 5k to 50k bucks to establish.
  • Privacy can grow to be a issue: With all the home windows in your sunroom, privacy can turn into an difficulty if you are living in the vicinity of neighbors.

Execs and Disadvantages of a screened porch

Now we’ll glance at the execs and disadvantages of a screened porch and what you require to contemplate right before incorporating a screened porch to your property.


  • Keeps out bugs: With all of the screens, you can enjoy the summer months breeze with out combating off mosquitos.
  • Cleaner than a frequent porch: If you already have a porch, you know how simply this can develop into soiled from dust to leaves. A screened porch will save you tons of time cleaning.
  • Can properly increase electronics: If you want to insert a stereo or a Television set to your porch, a screened porch will allow you to do so.
  • Can take pleasure in character immediately: You can even now get pleasure from all the factors of currently being exterior without the need of stressing that a minimal critter will sign up for you.
  • Terrific for entertaining: It is substantially more practical to host get-togethers on a screened porch than on a normal porch.
  • Home furniture is safeguarded: Your porch furniture is a great deal much more shielded from the weather conditions and other features due to the screened porch’s enclosure.
  • Inexpensive to establish: Even for individuals without a porch, this is considerably more economical to construct than a sunroom.


  • No protection for allergy symptoms: sadly, for these who suffer from pollen allergies, a screened porch will not deliver any assist.
  • Can make viewing character challenging: Based on what variety of screens you use, it can be more tough to get pleasure from the normal landscapes.
  • Will continue to encounter unpleasant seems: Due to the fact you are only protected by screened home windows, you’ll continue to listen to any uncomfortable appears all around your household.

Difficult to enjoy through cold months: A screened porch is great when it is neat or heat outside. But when snow is on the floor, it’ll be challenging to delight in your screened porch.

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