Siem Reap is a busy and also popular province in Cambodia. It is a main destination for all the tourists who want to visit world famous temple, Angkor Wat. Sieam Reap is also a big province in the north of Cambodia which not only contain Angkor Wat temple but also contain other hundred of temples and also many great resorts that can serve all the travelers.

Getting around Siem Reap is so much fun and easy. Since this province is so peaceful with nice weather, you can meet a lot of other tourists and enjoy great experience in Siem Reap and also Cambodia. The best way to get around this province is hiring a bike or you can travel by Tuk Tuk, because it is safe and also help you travel slowly to see all the view of the land. You may have a good time with Tuk Tuk driver because most of them are able to speak English or many foreign languages. So sometimes they can be a great tour guide for you.

After visit many temples in Siem Reap, you should not forget to buy some souvenirs, it can help you remember this great time forever in your rest of life. Buying souvenirs there is so easy where you can buy them at market and also by some salesmen that you can simply meet them at most of the temple.

Staying and eating in this great province is quite easy, you can eat in all class of restaurant where you can enjoy Khmer food and also other forign food that serve you until mid nigh or so. And you can also stay in hotel or guest house which are very reasonable and comfortable.

After spending your nice time in Siem Reap provine, consider visit other attractive tourism place in Cambodia such as Sihnaouk Province (Great beach), Phnom Penh (Capital City).

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