Sherrill Brook Forest Coalition appears to be to preserve 450 acres

There is a combined 450-acre tract of primarily wooded house that starts off around Sherrill Brook Park in New Hartford and extends into the village of Clinton in the city of Kirkland. 

The land — acknowledged as the Clintonview house — has many gorges, a small waterfall and a historic stone railway bridge on the New Hartford aspect, according to people today acquainted with the residence. The land also features a geological exposed rocky spot recognized as Rock Metropolis.

 The property, owned by Jim Brock, is designed up of put together plenty, with approximately 164 acres in New Hartford and 285 acres in Kirkland. The land is up for sale and the inquiring price is $3.9 million. 

A view of a portion of the Clintonview property.

Most of the property is undeveloped, and a consortium of spot teams and people would like to keep it that way and potentially use it to prolong Sherrill Brook Park and ultimately create a neighborhood forest for the location. 

The Sherrill Brook Forest Coalition experienced intended to invest in the overall home, but the team is now more inclined to coordinate community passions with any possible developers and regional governments.