S.F. is urging landlords to incorporate housing units. Renters say they are shelling out the rate

The San Francisco arranging department’s the latest push to encourage landlords to transform prevalent areas into housing models has resulted in practically 500 new or legalized units as house house owners carve basement flats out of what utilised to be storage lockers, laundry rooms or garages.

But though the new accent dwelling units support the metropolis satisfy its housing plans — about 1,500 ADUs have been authorised by the metropolis, some of which are backyard cottages and some in apartment properties — the new inventory generally arrives with a value, according to recent tenants. Backyard prevalent spaces disappear. Bike storage is gobbled up. Parking spaces vanish and storage lockers are taken off.

The elimination of common locations to make way for ADUs has been an escalating complaint amid renters, in accordance to Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who Tuesday launched laws that would defend tenants against loss of what the town phone calls “housing services” — storage, bike rooms, parking spots, laundry rooms.

The ordinance would demand landlords to file a declaration to the Rent Board stating that their ADU project will possibly not effect existing housing services or that they have a “just cause” to do so. In addition, creating house owners would have to notify tenants of ADU software and increase legal remedies — like triple damages and lawyer costs — to tenants in circumstances of wrongful severance of housing solutions.