Redbud City forces into the 1940s

The citizens of Shawnee always loved a parade, and this 1940s Dog Parade on Main Street was attended by thousands of entertained on lookers.

Shawnee produced it by means of the 1930s with a several scrapes and bruises but survived the “Hard Occasions.” The 10 years developed a whole lot of “good guys” and “bad fellas.” The depression strike the town challenging and several households endured, but the local community was resilient and reached out in many methods to enable the needy.

The metropolis observed a big facelift in the course of the 10 a long time of the 1930s, with the increase of the courthouse, the municipal auditorium, the town lake, and a handful of other folks. Having said that, according to the 1940 U.S. Census there had been 22,053 folks living in Shawnee, 95 per cent of which ended up American born. This was a five percent decrease from the 1930 Census.

The 1940s confirmed far more progress for the town. The state legislature specified Shawnee in 1942 as the “Redbud City” of Oklahoma. It was uncomplicated see why they tagged it with the clear. The city was adorned with all forms of bouquets, particularly redbuds, as the lively “town-builders” beautified the group.