Northern Cape Accommodation For Your Cultural Attractions


The biggest province in South Africa offers a range of quality and cultural Northern Cape Accommodation, that suits and matches the dynamics of the area.

Several cultural attractions feature which offer a great attraction and encourage many a person to visit the Northern Cape.

Here you will find one of the first land restitution projects in South Africa. Enjoy the rugged rocky scenery – and yes it is from planet Earth.

The Northern Cape is also an area of adventure and history. Lean about the early missionaries who survived in the area in ancient times and also managed to spread their faith.

The Khoisan Rock Art features throughout the Karoo and offers an exciting attraction for all who visit South Africa.

Kimberley, the diamond city, is also renowned for historical aspects, including phenomenal South African history.

The Great Karoo is popular for its Battlefields. Major wars were fought between the Boers and the Anglos. Many memorabilia and other aspects reflect the history and culture of this area.

Your Northern Cape Accommodation will be able to guide and direct you to these cultural attractions, man-made attractions and natural attractions. They are also fully equipped to address your specific needs, whether you are looking for self catering, guest house or other.

The Northern Cape is not only the largest province, but also the most scarcely population one – so if you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy space, air and a chance to get away from city combustion and congestion, the Northern Cape is an ideal getaway.

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