Municipalities disregarding Land Registry | Information

Around 50 percent of Greece’s municipalities have still to declare their attributes to the Hellenic Land Registry, as in lots of cases they do not have the vital ownership deeds, according to the affiliation of businesses that undertake cadastral initiatives (SEGEK). 

This was highlighted in a letter to Electronic Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis (to whom the obligation of the cadastre was not long ago transferred) noting the reduced participation of public bodies in the cadastral parts, 3 years immediately after its inception. 

“The biggest issue are the municipalities that are seeking for and cannot obtain possession titles for educational facilities, municipal buildings, squares etc,” said SEGEK President Sotiris Liaros.

“I estimate that 50% of the municipalities in the cadastral places have not nonetheless declared their municipal residence. Quite a few contractors have tried out to assistance the specialized products and services of the municipalities, only to locate out that there are no paperwork,” he extra.

Nonetheless, he also observed that there are complications with true estate solutions, which in some spots are not collaborating in the cadastre hard work. 

These shortcomings are confirmed by the Hellenic Land Registry, which notes, however, that the real share of these houses is small.

In accordance to business executives, the Hellenic Land Registry has sent letters to the condition and to the municipalities that had not declared properties before the summer. 

It is not unusual for some municipalities to declare municipal assistance structures by usufruct, as house titles can’t be traced. 

There are also scenarios where some municipalities found that attributes that they regarded municipal experienced been granted to them through use and not by ownership.

Another situation is that lots of houses of the neighborhood true estate companies are claimed by citizens.