Land Bank to donate house to Enjoyable City following setting up demolition

The Guernsey County Land Bank unanimously approved a motion Wednesday to deed the lot at 305 Main St. in Pleasant City to the village after a three-story former store is razed. A condition of the property transfer will be a requirement to maintain a historical marker once the building has been demolished.

Users of the Guernsey County Land Lender on Wednesday reviewed the upcoming of a Major Road assets in Nice City soon after a three-story making on the lot is demolished in the coming months.

Conference at the Guernsey County Administration Making in Cambridge, the board discussed alternatives for the great deal like deeding the residence to the village after the demolition is complete.

“That is the best path to choose,” stated Guernsey County Commissioner and Land Bank Board member Dave Wilson. “This was carried out for the village, so let them benefit from it.”

Pleasant City officials previously expressed an desire in the dilapidated home at 305 Principal St.

A motion to deed the house to Nice Metropolis that was unanimously authorized included a stipulation that a historical marker essential Ohio Historical Link in Columbus continue being at the internet site after erected.