Kennewick Driver Meandering on 2 Flat Tires Not What it Seemed

At very first, it probably appeared to be one thing illegal, even criminal. But it was not.

Thursday, a Kennewick Police Officer on patrol seen a motorist around 10th and Garfield relocating at a really gradual amount of speed. What else caught the Officer’s attention was the two entrance tires on the vehicle were flat.

  What Was the Backstory on This?

The driver was obstructing website traffic, so the Officer contacted them. The man at the rear of the wheel was fairly upset, and appeared to be acquiring trouble speaking. But the moment he settled down, he advised the Officer he had extremely restricted revenue and was striving to limp his motor vehicle to a tire store to swap the two flats.

The Officer also determined continuing to travel on the flats would do hurt to the wheels and the rest of the automobile as perfectly. And possibly the avenue.

The Officer decided his story was reputable, and in another illustration of how the Neighborhood Care Fund operates, a tow truck was brought in.

The man’s automobile was able to be towed to the shop where by he was ready to get alternative tires for the entrance of the car.

The Kennewick Police Group Fund helps Officers assist citizens who are going through economic problems relating to transportation, lodging, and other problems relevant to situations. For extra facts on how you can enable the Community Fund, connect with (509)-585-4208.

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