Kasumba Square Mall is the place to visit and shop while you are in Kampala, the mall is located at the edges of Kampala going westwards at the intersection of Busega Round about and Northern Bypass Highway.

Kasumba Square has a unique setting of real African Mall with good location surrounded by river, green and away from the city congestion. The mall has variety of shops selling good and services, has food court, bar, restaurant and guest house with affordable rates.

The night life at Kasumba Square is great as there is music and beer, and wines and spirits sold at affordable price compared to the rest of the city. The Mall has attracted other businesses on its surrounding such as the ice plant and market stalls in return for bringing development to the community nearby.

Kasumba Square Mall was started and founded by Mr Eriabu Kasumba who is one of the very first African business men to run business on main street Kampala Road in early 1960 while business was predominantly own by Asians and Europeans. Mr. Eriabu started with a humble back ground by starting a grocery store at Nateete trading center with his brother the late Christopher Lwanga, the business was very successful and decided to have another store in the city center.

They got a place at the old tax park and named the business Kabale Busega Stores Ltd, while doing business there the government by then selected him on merit by allocating him a very big department store on the main Kampala Road to blend in. He run the business so well and other African followed suit to do business in business district of Kampala. After 25 years he started building a mall from a swampy location to magnificent place now. Mr Kasumba with help of his family who are in diaspora have something to count on.

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