How To Decorate Your Outdoor Decking


18 Deck and Patio Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Outdoor Room


Creating a usable and appealing outdoor space is an important part of home renovation or extension projects. The garden area can be transformed into a useful and attractive area to spend time in, with the right planning and design. Outdoor decking areas are becoming more common as homeowners look to extend their living spaces outdoors.

A Deckorum deck creates an excellent addition to your home, giving you a fantastic space to enjoy the outdoors while protecting you from extreme heat or rain. There are many options when it comes to outdoor decking designs, from colours and cost, but when it comes to how you choose to decorate your outdoor decking, this is all down to what kind of space you’re trying to create, as well as your personal taste. Whether you’re planning on adding new outdoor furniture or lighting fixtures, there are plenty of ways that you can bring your vision for the space to life!

Plan Your Outdoor Decking Space

Before you start adding furniture and decor to your deck area, you should first decide what kind of design you want for the space. You may want to create a large, open deck that’s suitable for entertaining guests, or a smaller space that’s more suitable for quiet relaxation. Depending on the size of your deck, you may want to create different areas on the deck, like a seating area and an eating space. Consider how your deck will be used and what activities you want to be able to do in the space, and be sure to get some inspiration.

If you want the deck to be a multi-use area, then you can choose furniture that can be moved around and rearranged to suit different activities. You will also need to consider any weather conditions you might experience. For example, if your deck is not covered and you experience heavy rain or snow, you will need to factor in the cost of outdoor covers for the furniture.

Add Lighting To Your Deck Area

One of the most important decking decorating tips is to include the right lighting for your deck area. A well-lit space will create a welcoming ambiance and make it feel like a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are many options when it comes to deck lighting, including installing lights inside special deck rails or using hanging lights or lanterns.

You can also add lighting to your deck in creative ways, like using decorative lights that are designed to look like plants or flowers. When determining the lighting for your deck area, think about what you want the space to look like and what activities you want to be able to do there. Do you want to be able to host dinner parties or other social gatherings outside? If so, you might want to consider installing lights that are more decorative, like lanterns or chandeliers.

Add Colour With Paint Or Murals

If you’re planning on re-painting the deck flooring or walls, you can also paint the deck furniture. This is a quick and effective way to add colour and personality to your deck area. You can choose any colour you like, depending on your deck decorating ideas, and you can even add multiple colours to create a bold and colourful space.

If you want to add colour to your deck area, but don’t want to repaint, you can opt for a peel-and-stick mural (be cautious with the adhesive and ensure it is suitable for use on your decking). Murals are a quick and effective way of adding colour without major renovation or decorating. You can choose any type of mural you like, from aquatic or beach-themed murals, to floral patterns and designs.

Add Indoor Furniture Outdoors

If you want to create a unique decking design and stand out from your neighbours, you can opt for indoor furniture and decor for your outdoor space. There are plenty of indoor furniture pieces that can withstand the elements outdoors, and don’t have to look out of place when placed on a deck.

Adding indoor furniture outdoors is a great way to create a unique decking design, while also giving you flexibility in regard to the type of furniture you can use in the space. You can use outdoor couches, chairs and tables, as well as indoor furniture like coffee tables and side tables.

Add Greenery And Plants

One of the easiest decking decorating ideas is to include plants and greenery in your deck area. Adding plants to your deck space is a quick and easy way to add colour and decoration to the area. You can use plants to line your deck flooring, as well as decorating planters, pots, and other deck furniture like garden benches that can be placed outdoors.

Some decking designs use decking patterns that have plants incorporated into the design, like a trellis pattern or lattice. You can even add plants within your deck railing or stair balustrades! The opportunities for cultivating a beautiful, leafy green exterior on your decking are endless.


Whether you want to create a casual and relaxed space, or a more formal and stylish area, there are many decking decorating ideas that you can choose from. You can also add indoor furniture outdoors to create a unique design, and include plants and greenery to the space for a natural look. Maybe a freshen-up of the paint is just what your deck needs, or perhaps some gentle mood light. How will you decorate your deck?


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