How Significantly Does It Cost to Live in Washington DC?

Are you contemplating moving to the nation’s cash any time soon? Obviously, the to start with detail you would want to analysis is the ordinary price of living in Washington DC.

Probably, we really should commence with informing you of this chilly difficult simple fact:

The District of Columbia has the 2nd-optimum charge of living index of 154.7, soon after Hawaii, whose index is 187.6. This means dwelling in Washington DC is 54.7 per cent extra high priced in contrast to the nationwide regular.

DC is respectively followed by New York (145.), California (137.5), Massachusetts (133.2), Oregon (131.6), Alaska (125.8), Maryland (124.4), Connecticut (120.4), Rhode Island (118.2), which are the relaxation of the leading 10 most expensive US states.

Mississippi is the most economical point out with the charge of dwelling index 84.6, which is significantly underneath the nationwide normal. It is followed by Kansas (86.8), Oklahoma (87.9), Alabama (88.1), Tennessee (88.5), Arkansas (88.8), Ga (89.7), Indiana (89.8), Missouri (90.4), and Iowa (90.4) respectively in the major 10.

The figures are from the to start with quarter of 2021.

If we appear at 2020 info, we observe that DC has observed a drop in its price of living index — from 161.1 — considering that final year. But the town continues to be in the second place just after Hawaii.

As for housing charges, DC’s housing index is 257.4 in 2021, also adhering to Hawaii (313.1), which has the most pricey housing. Needless to say, housing in New York (230.2) and California (192.7) is cheaper than housing in DC.

Housing plays the most important role in DC’s higher price of living. But of program, it is dependent on which neighborhood you are scheduling to relocate to.

As of July 2021, the average lease in Washington DC is as follows, in accordance to the San Francisco-dependent homesearch web site Condominium Record:

  • For a studio condominium: $1,729
  • For a just one-bedroom condominium: $2,344
  • For a two-bed room condominium: $3,427
  • For a 3-bed room apartment: $4,438

Rents in the District have lessened by -3.67 percent in contrast to 2020.

Listed here are the median rents (for a two-bedroom DC condominium) by community in 2021, according to the rental market Zumper, Inc.:

DC rents
DC rents

Continue to keep in thoughts that you need to get paid at least $62,200 per year in get to lease an common priced studio condominium in DC. To hire a just one-bedroom apartment in DC, you need to be earning roughly $84,300 for every yr.

For a two-bed room apartment, your yearly wage ought to be around $123,300, and for a three-bedroom apartment, your yearly income need to be all over $159,700 or higher.


DC’s groceries index in the initially quarter of 2021 was 112.7, which lands it in the fifth place just after Hawaii (157.9), Alaska (132.7), New York (118.3), and Massachusetts (117).

In other phrases, DC people shell out 12.7 percent additional for groceries than the nationwide typical. The regular every month grocery invoice in DC is close to $300.


Utilities, which is yet another most important category of dwelling bills, expense eight % much more than the nationwide typical in Washington, which comes 10th in this year’s 1st quarter.

DC follows respectively Hawaii (169.2), Alaska (157), Connecticut (132.3), California (128.5), Rhode Island (125.8), Vermont (120.6), New Hampshire (115.2), Massachusseetts (110.8), and Pennsylvania (109.5).

The rate of simple utilities – electrical power, heating, cooling, h2o, garbage — for a 915 sq. foot apartment in DC is close to $152 per month.

Transportation and health care

If you go to DC, prepare to pay out 10 % a lot more for transportation than the nationwide average. Around $13,000 of transportation value is added to the yearly spending budget of DC homes.

When it arrives to healthcare, you can rest a minor as healthcare fees in DC are pretty much 9 p.c under the national common with an index of 91.4.