Housing fight in downtown Berkeley

In a contemporary case in point of the tensions spawned by the Bay Area’s housing crisis, UC Berkeley on Tuesday available 42 months of sponsored rents to the remaining tenants of an 8-device, lease-controlled apartment making close to campus.

The college wishes to exchange the composition at 1921 Walnut St. and the other compact structures on the downtown block with 14 tales of scholar housing — a move toward its over-all purpose of developing housing for 7,500 extra college students about the campus by 2028. Many of the tenants, however, call the supply an attack on lease-controlled residences in a perpetually pricey town.

“Nobody wants to be put out of their dwelling,” mentioned Paul Wallace, a six-year resident who operates in downtown San Francisco. “They can give us 42 months of compensation, but that does not settle the very long-term concern.”

The relocation deal presented to tenants by UC contains 42 months of rent subsidies — spending the big difference involving a tenant’s current lease and what they are charged for a “comparable” two-bedroom condominium. If the tenant rather seeks to acquire a house “in the local community of your option,” the university would fork out a lump sum comparable to what the tenant’s lease subsidy would have been.

The letter sent to tenants Tuesday evening explained that the earliest day any individual would have to have to shift is Sept. 1. It also describes the offer, which includes relocating payments and assistance in locating an additional condominium, as a “minimum” offer. A statement from UC on Wednesday early morning stated the settlements, in some instances, could major $100,000.