It is insane to establish workforce housing on expensive town-owned real estate like the Adams Avenue residence. The more affordable the land, the more models that can be constructed.

Right here is a answer to acquiring more cost-effective land.

How quite a few acres of land do we need to have to make housing, both equally dwellings, and flats? I don’t know the reply, but let’s faux we could solve our difficulties with 10 acres of land.

Check out out our zoning map. You will notice that we have an “Urban Limit Line” which encircles the town. The point that it is redundant due to the fact we dwell in an Ag Preserve is not suitable right here.

The City Council need to technique all the landowners that abut the Urban Limit Line and keep a “reverse auction.” This is a excellent “market” option.

They must say, “We need to have 10 acres. How minimal will you provide us an acre of land for? One particular might say $500,000/acre. A different may possibly say 5 acres for $100,000/ acre. A further might say $60,000/acre. It does not matter.

The metropolis buys the 10 most affordable acres supplied — where ever they are on the URL. The town then rezones all those previously Ag acres into “AHZ” Very affordable Housing Zoning. Nothing at all but workforce housing can be built there, in perpetuity.

No arguments about the East facet vs. West side. All land in St. Helena is wonderful. The less costly the land the extra units that can be designed.