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According to the Dec. 16 edition of The Unbiased, the housing proposed for the downtown redevelopment space has elevated by approximately 42%.

The park space among the structures has been reduced by about 32%. The previously approved housing is imagined by lots of to be far too significantly for this treasured, centrally located house. Now this!

A problem divides the public about the need to have for two appealing factors: affordable operate-drive housing and a community park. It would seem that a gain-get solution that would satisfy both needs has been reviewed about the last numerous months. That is, shift the housing to north of Railroad Avenue, the place there is perhaps place for even additional housing, and thus make it possible for the Veterans Memorial Park to grow into far more space between Livermore Avenue and L Road.

Matt Graves, Eden Housing job developer, spelled out that there is also smaller a footprint for “all the issues that you would want in an condominium constructing,” this sort of as “corridors, elevator shafts, stairs, laundry services, offices” in the permitted 2018 program for 130 units. After all the a long time of dialogue and preparing that went into the city-approved development, the new proposal appears to be a bait-and-swap plan. This kind of a gambit must be summarily rejected in the presently authorised place.

On the other hand, the new proposal is a more solid argument to go housing to the north of Railroad Avenue.