Cyprus Property For Sale Makes A Great Investment


How often have you looked in glossy brochures at the Cyprus property for sale section and dreamt “One day…”? Well that day could be sooner than you think.

Cyprus property for sale is moving fast and that’s because of the prices. There are many inexpensive Cyprus apartments situated all over the island; Cyprus property for sale is not just limited to the costal areas. The island has two mountain ranges, Troodos and Kyrenia Hills which are stunning all year. Why not consider purchasing a property in the mountains? There are a number of villages that have cheap studio apartments. During the hot summer months the mountainous areas are a little cooler than the sweltering costal areas, The weather can become extremely hot in the height of summer and many Cypriots own studio apartments in the mountains as well as the towns.

“Why should I think of Cyprus property for sale when I want to invest my hard earned money into a bungalow or one of those studio apartments?” is a question that has passed many a lip, well Cypriot property is on the up and the prices are inexpensive. The prices of villas and cheap studio apartments will not remain static very long which makes Cyprus property for sale a very good long term investment – and what a way to watch your money grow, by enjoying it whilst it’s growing. The country has a stable financial system and now as a member of the EU it has the political stability that it never enjoyed previously.

It may only be small but it is the third largest Mediterranean island, it is very cosmopolitan and with less than one million inhabitants it is not overcrowded. There are miles of glorious beaches, wonderful blue seas, over 350 days of sunshine per year and of course the wonderful warm evenings are a joy to behold. Imagine sitting on the balcony of your apartment on a balmy evening sipping your ouzo and the only sounds you hear are the ones you make yourself.

Whether you are looking to purchase a holiday studio or an apartment to relocate to, Cyprus property for sale will be sure to please. You will find cheap studio apartments almost anywhere on the island, there are both resale and new properties, both offer equally good value for your investment, it is your personal choice which you eventually decide on.

Buying a Cyprus property is relatively easy compared to some countries. Cyprus developers offer excellent discounts, you can buy properties for a great discount if you can wait for 18 months or so and buy off plan.

Buying inexpensive Cyprus apartments, is it for me? We would answer “yes” buying a piece of Cyprus property for sale can only be good for you and your pocket. Your hardest choice will be “Shall I choose from the range of properties in the mountains or from those nearer the beach”? Sorry, we cannot answer that one for you, that depends on your budget and is ultimately your decision.

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