Caddo County property owner confirms New Mexico businessmen were being attempting to purchase land when their cash was seized by Canadian County deputies

EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – A Caddo County assets operator is standing behind two New Mexico businessmen who instructed KFOR they have been making an attempt to purchase land with 1000’s of pounds that was seized from them by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

“Why didn’t they just mail any person out to ask me like you’re asking me? I’d have advised them the similar issue,” a Caddo County assets owner, who desired to continue to keep his id personal, informed News 4.

He’s conversing about a prospective purchaser, Thai Nang, that he met with again in April.

“He advised me I’m 300 percent positive that’s illegal cash,” Nang told News 4 past week.

Nang is chatting about the about $141,500 that was seized from him and his business spouse by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Business throughout a website traffic cease.

Nang explained to KFOR that the money was likely to be employed to acquire land for agricultural applications, but the deputy insisted it was “illegal money” that was likely to be employed to invest in illegal medications.

News 4 has now obtained the monthly bill of sale and tracked down the property operator, who backed up what Nang advised News 4.

“It was a verbal offer and they had been on their way again in town to finalize it,” the assets operator mentioned. “It was $100,000 for the land and then they desired, I think, $30-40,000 to update the electric power and the h2o for their operation. Why did not they just look at the monthly bill of sale we have?”

All of our makes an attempt to get in touch with Sheriff Chris West to request that issue have only been achieved with silence. News 4 has also been hoping to check with him why the courtroom documents only reflect $131,502 remaining seized, mainly because which is $10,000 brief, in accordance to Nang.

“They obtained a law firm. He questioned me if I’d indicator an affidavit and I stated absolutely sure,” the property operator reported.

They’re thanks in courtroom on Friday.

“The problems the house owners of the revenue are likely to have is proving that there is in point $10,000, or however considerably revenue, lacking. Most of the time what takes place is, legislation enforcement take all of it and normally they depend it pretty immediately thereafter,” Ed Blau, an legal professional, instructed Information 4.

On best of all of that, the home proprietor instructed News 4 he had to sell the land to a different buyer.

“They appeared like genuinely superior businessmen,” the property operator said. “It makes question if people, standard Okies, I guess, if we would have gotten our money confiscated.”

News 4 submitted a Independence of Details request to the Canadian County Sheriff’s Business and the D.A.’s office environment for all of the information relating to the seizure of Nang’s cash and we are nevertheless waiting to hear again.

A pre-trial hearing has been established for Oct.