Apartments in Indianapolis, IN Which Approve Despite Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony


The city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana has expanded tremendously in the past few decades owing to population growth and a surge in construction. This is a welcome boon from the recession of the 70s which saw mass migration of the city’s young professionals to the suburbs and even to neighboring Illinois. Today the city has over 2 million people and continues to grow. New housing projects are springing up and so are new apartment complexes. Renting an apartment in Indianapolis is a smooth process although the apartments do conduct credit checks and rental history checks. In the event that one has a broken lease, it can be difficult to be approved for an apartment in Indianapolis. Felonies and bankruptcies are also frowned upon and may also cause the apartment to respond with a denial of approval.

Places around Indianapolis where you can find apartments that approve problem tenants

While apartments in Indianapolis have a policy of denying approval to tenants with prior rental issues, there are a few scattered complexes within the city that are willing to give problem tenants another chance.

  • New Augusta
  • Camby
  • Clermont
  • Downtown Indianapolis
  • Eagle Creek

This is not to say that there are no other places where one can find an apartment that approves despite credit and rental problems. The challenge is off course the fact that these types of housing community do not advertise. This means that locating them can be an exercise of trial and error which can be very tiresome and frustrating. It can also be expensive.

In order to locate these types of apartments in the Indianapolis area, one can start with contacting an apartment locator. These are experts at locating apartments for people with special needs. By special needs we mean people with bad credit, broken leases, felonies and other issues like bankruptcies.

The Internet can also provide a few places in and around the city of Indianapolis where one can rent an apartment even with prior rental problems. As we mentioned earlier, these apartments are hard to locate. There is also a general misconception that they are located in unflattering parts of the city where there is high crime and environmental decay. This is sometimes true but one can also find a second chance apartment in very hospitable sections of the city of Indianapolis.

One point to note; these apartments may require you to furnish proof of income. The complexes may also not be able to approve felonies that are less than 5 years old and ones which involve domestic violence, drug dealing and sex crimes involving minors.

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