A way to construct toward affordability

I just want to distinct all my go-to statements out of my technique prior to I get started:

1. The two greatest targeted traffic destinations in the county are a several ft from each individual other on the idea of a peninsula (Bremerton), accessed by a few chokepoints. There is no way to maintain cramming vehicles into that funnel with out making a crippling hurry hour.

2. The only lasting remedy to the reasonably priced housing crisis is providing need. Refusing to insert source does not change the actuality that the need exists.

3. Specified that we have to have to establish housing, if you want Kitsap to keep its rural character, you have to let central neighborhoods to absorb housing desire.

There we go. That feels superior. Now we can discuss about a answer that simultaneously alleviates shipyard traffic and the housing crunch: workforce housing within walking distance of the shipyard gates.