A Self Catering Cyprus Apartment Represents Excellent Value


Why not get onto the internet and find the cheapest flights to Cyprus, after all it is only 4.5 hours from London. Why not find the cheapest self catering Cyprus apartment that you can and then once you are here, why not take a look at Cyprus property for sale? You will be quite taken aback at the reasonable prices.

Just as Economists had predicted for Cyprus, property for sale is slowly starting to rise in price. Since the Island joined the Euro currency on 1st January, prices have shown a very slight increase and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you are a regular visitor and usually book a self catering apartment in Cyprus for your holiday, it could probably be cheaper in the long term to go down the property investment route, as Cyprus property is a great value. You could even rent it out as a self catering Cyprus apartment when you are not using it and use this money to pay for your holiday each year. What a great return on your investment, rental income as well as the value of your property increasing.

Cheapest flights to Cyprus, the Island of Love, can be found on the Internet and prices are coming down as more and more budget airlines are flying onto the Island. There are around 320 days of glorious sunshine per year and the temperatures in the summer can reach the high 30’s. With this is mind why not look at a self catering Cyprus apartment in the mountains where the temperatures are a few degrees cooler? Nestled amongst the pine trees Cyprus property for sale is highly sought after in these areas. Views are wonderful and the flora is beautiful, you may even spot some of the rare orchids that the Island is well known for. An amble in the mountains with a stop off at one of the local tavernas for a cool glass of beer and a leisurely lunch is an unforgettable way to spend a day.

Maybe you are thinking of investing in property with the intention of relocating, there are many properties that are suitable and prices are great value. A villa in Cyprus could cost you much less than you think, especially if buying off plan. Developers will give you choices of fixtures and fittings, and tiles in bathrooms & flooring to custom your Cyprus property to your taste.

If when you go away on holiday you prefer to go self catering a Cyprus apartment is the ideal place to be, plenty of sun, sea, ouzo and miles of sandy beaches. Forget about the cooking, why don’t you sample the local food it is delicious. Lovers of ancient history will marvel at the beauty of the well preserved mosaics and shoppers will enjoy the capital of Nicosia with its eclectic mix of shops, both modern and old.

Why don’t you book yourself a self catering Cyprus apartment and one of the cheapest flights, Cyprus awaits you. Come and take a look at this beautiful Island. You will be surprised at what’s on offer. There is plenty to do and plenty of sunshine to do it in. You never know you may wish to invest in one of the wonderful properties that you will see.

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