5 Creepy Legit Oklahoma Ghost Towns

When you feel of “ghost towns,” the considered method most people acquire is via the Previous West. And that is effective for Oklahoma, for sure. Boomtowns constructed around mining and gambling again when the West was nevertheless wild, tent cities and stick-constructed shacks centered all around a saloon and a cemetery. Which is not accurately the situation. There are ghost cities all in excess of the planet, and America’s just transpired to gall that way all through a time that paints a photo in your thoughts. We all know what ghost towns “really should” look like, but some are a lot far more fashionable than you would feel.


The 1st ghost town we’ll visit is suitable on the Texas border, bearing the acceptable identify of Texola. It’s amusing that it caught a classification as a “ghost city” simply because folks even now are living there. Albeit, really number of people today even now live there. I can remember from my childhood, when we would travel to grandparents’ residence for the holiday seasons, there was continue to an exit indication on I-40 for Texola, but which is been some 30 yrs ago.

Funny plenty of, the Magnolia Provider Station there is the major attract. It attained “Historic Registry” standing back again in the 90’s, even although it is decrepit and slipping aside continue to nowadays. After adorned with very long-eradicated neon letters, it was when particularly the variety of services station you would image on Route 66.


You’d think, is situated in my childhood yard, I would have heard of Skedee prior to… but I hadn’t listened to of it prior to seeing it someplace on-line. It is such a remotely located “ghost city” out in the middle of nowhere, even Google has not been by there to get a road see map constructed. Now that is a little, lifeless town.

Amusing adequate, it is a city that acquired its begin like so numerous prolonged-absent Northern Oklahoma towns. It constructed up all-around an oil growth, created millions of bucks, and when the wells went dry, all the money moved out leaving scraps and agriculture for people still homesteading generational qualities. People do still dwell there, controlling to carve out a dwelling in whichever business they’ve chosen. It really is admirable, but once in a when, you have a need for simple entry to Buffalo Wild Wings.


You know, it is really not the 1st time I have talked about Picher, Oklahoma listed here. It’s a popular city recognised for its crazy failure. Businesses took as a great deal from the land as they could and still left just about every resident there thinking what to do subsequent. It was a piece of land significant in minerals like zinc and direct. The natural way, some massive corporation sprung up to capitalize on it. They presented jobs, workers offered profits, and when the Environmental Defense Agency understood they’d been mining unrestricted for some hundred several years, the discoveries were devastating.

Cave-ins became a frequent matter, homes crumbled, foundations fell. Deserted and illegally dumped waste web-sites direct to horrifying discoveries between the youngsters of Picher, almost a 3rd of them struggling from guide poisoning in their youth. The horrors of unregulated marketplace still left deep scars throughout the lives of people who had no idea. Incredibly, even as late as 2000, there had been continue to some 1600 people dwelling there. As additional and far more of these poisonous discoveries were manufactured, the population ultimately dwindled to just 20 citizens in the 12 months 2010. It is really still also early to know the success of the 2020 census, but odds are, there is at minimum one holdout still dwelling in Picher.


If you were to Google “Lenora Oklahoma,” you would come across incredibly handful of effects. In truth, the Wikipedia entry on this previous city consists of just the subsequent…

Lenora is an unincorporated neighborhood in Dewey County, Oklahoma, United States. It is situated 5.5 miles west of Taloga. The community was established in 1892 and experienced a populace of 400 in 1900. A submit business office operated in Lenora from March 24, 1896 to June 30, 1955.

Not a great deal is known about the record of this town to anybody exterior this town. Shockingly, there are nevertheless a selection of persons dwelling in the region, less within what would be “metropolis limitations.”


Ingalls, Oklahoma was the moment recognized famously for a shootout in between some bandits and a lawman. This was suitable as The usa was starting off to near out the era of the Outdated West. Billed as the “Struggle of Ingalls,” US Marshalls experienced it out a single working day in 1893 with the famed Doolin-Dalton Gang. 3 deputies and a few residents lost their life in a gun-combat straight out of Hollywood. Started in the streets, rolled through a saloon, and came to a close in the alley. A stone monument nonetheless stands in dedication to the memory of that minute.

Ironically, and unknown to most of the citizens of this Wild West neglected city, Ingalls was an accidental protected haven for outlaws for a prolonged time. It is one more city so tiny, Google hasn’t manufactured the trip out there to catalog the metropolis, but staying just outside of Stillwater, it’d be a great Saturday street vacation. See a ghost city, relive a minor heritage, and consume some epic cheese fries at Eskimo Joe’s in Stilly.

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